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Do you want to have a hot time? You are wondering on what better site you could live this perfect moment. Being able to satisfy yourself and that strong sexual desire that drives you would find its remedy on the site xHamsterLive. Sex Cam platform, it has features and sections that will provide you with pleasant libertine moments. Come and live your sensual passion in one click. Log on to xHamsterLive to see the many curves, beauties and all kinds that satisfy your lust. The principle of the site is that it allows live video chat sessions online. Thus, you will find yourself in the middle of an orgasm with your interlocutor. Hot women as well as couples are waiting for you to make perfect episodes.

The original features of the xHamster site did not include the live Sex Cam section. The porn tube available on the xHamster site did not show this component. However, recently, the system of the platform has been updated and you can now live your moments of indulgence and in optimal conditions by the way. You will be overwhelmed, swept away, and even lost by the strong sensations that the long line of girls available on xHamster Live would give you. If you want to spend sensational moments alone or accompanied in your room, please embark on the universe of xHamsterLive.

History of xHamsterLive

This website, which went online on 2 April 2017, is the initiative of Mr OBLED Clement. Originally named xHamster, it is a platform for sexual pleasure. In this sense, it shares pornographic content with bewitching delights. It guarantees you an intense service that will not leave you indifferent. If you are a sex lover, you are in the best place. The official headquarters of this social network is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

A reputation gained through rich content

All the joy of watching and the satisfaction you seek from surfing on xHamster Live is made possible by the posted videos by your next meetings. Of course, the X photos that you discover on the site are all provided by women with a taste for sex. Don't be afraid to choose one of them. Give yourself the opportunity to exchange directly with them. Pleasant moments await you.

To date, the site has over 10 million subscribers and occupies the position of follower (3rd) on the world pornographic market. So it's a good idea to come and surf here. Film actor, the site is author of the series The sex Factor. He is actively working to make passionate men and women in the world of pornography stars in the industry.

Not just a glorious career

At the end of the ardent moments spent online, the site allows those who wish to do so to organise real meetings. This allows them to live out their fantasy or their passion of the moment in an intense and concrete way. The platform has not had a happy history, as after a period of time, negative and discriminating comments were made about it, leading to a decline in its activities.

Targeted projects to win over the public

In its primary design, xHamster had a "Porn for Women" section. In order to bring visibility to this section, approximately $25,000 was invested for this purpose. The vice president of xHamster, Mr Alex Hawkins, argued in 2018 that the funds allocated were intended to improve the quality of the site's services for women and to enable easy contact between users. The initiators had done this in order to make the site accessible to the general public, but it was clear that more women were interested.

This is where the xHamster Live project was born. In the meantime, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the "No Nut November"In the case of men, the ability not to masturbate until the female recipient has reached orgasm. xHamsterLive has never been in harmony with this clause in the pornographic regulations.

Features of xHamsterLive

xHamsterLive has excluded pre-recorded videos from its services for broadcast once the client has requested an instant game. This keeps them in line with the variety provided by other sites in the industry.

The different Chats and features available

The characteristics of the site take into account the Premium catss, the free chats based on tips, free chat tips as well as exclusively private chats. You have the possibility to connect in spy mode or with the mobile version of the site. Among other things, you will be entitled to profiles of mature women based on an online work concept. You also have other profiles of mature women with sufficient information about them.

Different level of membership for users

As further features, the site has different stages for members (customers). The Gold members are those who have taken out a monthly subscription. They will be able to benefit from various features in their account. Regardless of your user status, as long as you have registered, you will be able to use the "full screen mode" feature when chatting.

It is more useful to register on xHamsterLive as a golden member if you want to go further with the woman of your choice. This title (gold membership) allows you toexchange in private message with all the women you would like to do. A Sex Cam site would not have offered you a better service than the one the platform designers have endeavoured to provide. Browse on xHamster Live is a very simple and pleasant thing to do even when you are a first time user. The private or group chat interface is perfectly self-explanatory and you can venture in without any third party assistance.

Several categories available to suit all tastes

Are you already on xHamsterLive? Has a model made your mouth water for a long time and managed to thrill you again? Just type her name in the search bar to get in touch with her. Depending on your sexual orientation, browse for the type of models you need to experience new things with. You can choose between good women, handsome and exciting men, transsexuals and couples.

Excellent image resolution for a better user experience

On xHamsterLive, the image resolution is optimal. You enjoy a impeccable video quality, and this, on all the various fields. The various models on the site use high performance cameras to allow you to experience your wildest moments clearly and without any disappointment. To this end, the models use only HD or semi-HD cameras in order to provide you with the best experience. Even if you are present on the site as a guest, this does not place you in a lower quality. You will not be confronted with HD vs or SD cameras. There is no distinction of customers.

Features of xHamsterLive

At these very minutes, you are probably looking for a way to escape. Know that the credo is well chosen. Enjoy chatting with fountain women. They are all available for your lost moments. Admire and savour the contours of their soft bodies, their tulip-shaped sex and breasts to make you come back. The models have all the tricks, positions, words, accoutrements, beauty and more to keep you on your toes. It's subliminal to walk around at xHamsterLive.

An intuitive platform with fast navigation

The navigation on the site is very fluid. You can enter and exit the chatroom with your interlocutor whenever you want. When you land in the world of xHamsterLive, you are sure to be amazed and hooked. The curves, shapes, phases, dream bodies and captivity of the models will not leave you indifferent. Rest assured, you will never leave xHamster Live without having recorded a Play List of models that would have made an impression on you. It could happen that you find yourself in a quandary of decision. Who or what to choose for my sex party in this universe?

Smart suggestions and handy filters

The platform's services include suggested designs. The ones that are most often suggested to you are those that have recently been uploaded. Before logging out, make sure you have saved your favourites to a playlist so that you don't waste time the next time you return.

The choice of models is entirely up to you. It goes from age, ethnicity, hair colour, body type you want. Everything is allowed if the price of the intimate show is in your range. Your selection can also be made according to the Tags. Indeed, depending on their activity, there are models that provide more than 100 Tags. This is the case, for example, with the descriptions: Lesbians, Smoking, Foot Fetish, Pregnant, Anal, Interactive Toy, Squirting, Voluptuous, Bisexual, Swingers, Small Tits, etc.

The prerogatives and inconveniences of xHamsterLive

In general, xHamsterLive - Sex Cam Site is a worthwhile initiative. Even though xHamster remains the founder's most popular brand, it reveals some shortcomings. Since the general public is asking this much appreciated ingenuity for a Sex Cam sectionThis has been achieved. The creation of xHamsterLive comes to answer the expectations of the users, especially the sex fanatics. Although it is initiated with the aim of fulfilling and meeting all expectations, the service is not without inconveniences, even though it presents some prerogatives.

xHamsterLive: Its advantages

The joy of the site is that it has a high rate of models available full-time and respects the characteristics of a Cam's regulatory site. It also offers a long selection of party shows that are all priced on a cash basis. The costs for your sexual moment on xHamsterLive are lower than on other websites. In addition, besides the various payment models which already support cryptos, you also have the possibility to pay through gift cards.

Similarly, you have the possibility to have free account on the platform. Your volunteer account entitles you to regular chats based on Tips. They give you full availability of the essentials to see and have on the site. You don't necessarily need a Gold membership, just get credits on the site and make way for extreme thrills.

Security xHamsterLive

Rest assured, you will have a hard time getting ripped off on xHamsterLive. It seems less convincing since it is about real moments. Moreover, it should be remembered that the sharing of pre-executed videos is excluded. These are real moments in the video conferencing genre. These measures are taken in order to avoid experiences with fake accounts. In the event of any abuse, you can simply report it. This option is available on the interface.

To this end, you are advised not to give a model your personal information: surname, first name, age, address, e-mail address and place of birth. Note that you are not supposed to tell your personal ID either. At the risk of using your credit card, you could use your PayPal, neosurf, skrill, paysafecard account or the various gift cards available or even cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.) for payments

xHamsterLive - Sex Cam website : Its drawbacks

Access to the world of xHamsterLive requires a Gold subscription which is charged monthly. Also, if you are more attracted to private moments, it will quickly increase your expenses for this service. Indeed, personal shows require a surprisingly large investment in a short time. However, this varies depending on the model you are communicating with.

The services offered by xHamsterLive

xHamsterLive is a professional site with international standards respecting moral rules. This is why its space is reserved exclusively for people aged 18 and over. Here you can follow, interact and chat live with women, men and transsexuals without restraint. If you are under 18 years of age, access to the platform is strictly forbidden.

Communication on xHamsterLive

Communication on the site is spread over various levels and stages. The platform allows all members to interact with each other. However, there is a restriction on vulgar language or bad behaviour by a third party. Whether free or Premium, any account can interact with models, but only Premium accounts have the privilege of being received privately by them.

Since all users can interact, the site gives premium accounts the privilege of suspending other users who may have exhibited unusual attitudes. Also, it is available on sex control room. CIt is also a means of communication for Sex Cam sites.

The sex control chatroom gives you the insider attributes of control measures, which will inform you about what to do and how to behave. In this section you will also meet new people (other users). So please be very patient. The paradox here is that the chat room is public. This is why private communication is by far the best option.

Go further by opting for the Cam2Cam courses, with your camera on, your microphone switched on; greedy for sex, contemplate the nudity of your virtual partner and let yourself be desired. Keep the model in your favourites. Maybe a next appointment will allow you to spice up and finally realize your fantasy.

xHamsterLive - The Best Sex Cam Site

The various opinions about the platform are positive. However, some Internet users have not forgotten the negative events that the site has experienced in the past. Among other things, they claim that the models are serious and that the customers' private lives are respected. Previously, you had to browse xHamster to discover the live sex cam service. Now you know again that it exists and can be redirected by simply typing xHamster Live.

Current rates on xHamsterLive

Do you have a free account on xHamster Live? If you have already had this experience, you will be even more interested in what a Premium account. By becoming a Gold member, you not only experience more fun, but you also help the company to exist and continue to grow with the sole aim of meeting your expectations.

There are a number of membership and token systems built in to facilitate your payments. As a user, you have the decision to be classified as a gold, grey or green member. Regardless of your status, you should pay coins to have exclusivity of the xHamsterLive / xHamster Live platform.

The cost starts with 10 dollars for 90 tokens. A subscription of 200 equals 225 chips and the $5,000 entitles you to 520 tokens. Sign up to see for yourself what's going on, what you could experience and what other kitty's you're really willing to invest in. You can't put a price on pleasure, so don't wait any longer. Join the sexy models who are waiting for you and experience an episode of mutual entertainment right now.

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