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Are you passionate about virtual sex? If all the platforms you have tried have disappointed you, then you are welcome to visit Sex Cam to find the ideal platform that offers erotic services. It is an online X cam platform that allows you to exchange through the webcam with mature women who will do everything to satisfy your desires. To help you get to know this site better, a detailed presentation of it will be made in this guide.

The registration process and the design of the Xcams website

The navigation on the Xcams website is rather fluid. Indeed, from the loading of the site to the contact with the models, everything is designed to make the user want to come back. Find out here how to register on this site and the quality of its design.

Steps to register on Xcams

Registration on Sex Cam Xcams is very simple. The only elements you will need to finalize your registration are of course your e-mail address, your username and your password. 

The site loads quickly. Once you access its interface, the models will start to appear on your screen. You will be notified of the cameras that are currently connected. From that moment on, you are part of the site's user community. However, this does not yet make you a member. For that, you need to take out a subscription.

The design of the site

This site is made of a varied colour palette. These colours are intense and attractive. The design of this site, which is a mixture of purple and black, will impress you every time. Afterwards, you will discover that the webcams have a gallery format like those found everywhere. However, the ones on this site have the particularity of displaying the images more clearly on the screen.

Presentation of the pricing on the Xcams website

Sexcam sites are not ordinary dating sites. To benefit from the services they offer, you will have to subscribe and pay for each service you request. Discover here the different prices charged on the Xcams website.

The cost of credit

You have the possibility to'get several credits on this website.

  • Simple credits

On Xcams, the various services are paid for by credits that the user has previously purchased on the platform. Indeed, it is the money that comes from the purchase of credits that allows to pay the Camgirls. The credits to be subscribed to are as follows:

  • 9,99 euros giving right to 40 credits with a bonus of 25 credits;
  • 19,99 euros giving right to 82 credits with a bonus of 50 credits;
  • 49.99 entitles you to 225 credits with a bonus of 110 credits.

The acquisition of these credits is done by several means of transfer. Thus, the use of bank cards or Visas, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard and many others are allowed.

  • Wholesale credits

It should also be noted that you have the possibility of buying credits in bulk on this website. This is a pack that is defined in advance. This is how these packs are presented:

  • 1650 Credits for 249.99 euros;
  • 760 Credits for 129.99 euros;
  • 335 Credits for 59.99 euros;
  • 150 Credits for 29.99 euros;
  • 60 Credits for 14.99 euros.

The prices charged by this platform are not really different from those charged on other SexCam sites.

The usefulness of credits

The credits thus purchased will be used for the various services requested on the site. To have access to a private show is for example conditioned by the use of a certain number of previously acquired units.

They are also used for chat with models on the site. There are other credits that are more important than those used per unit. They are called the packs. These are generally used to Webcams for adults.

However, there are some distinctive features that do not apply when you use your phone. For example, for 4 to 3 minutes of webcams with adults, you have to pay 4.40 euros and for 6 to 8 minutes of private chat, you will pay 8.80 euros. 

In addition to private shows that use your tokens, you can also use them to collect videos shared by models. This can be a substitute for live amateur cameras.

The different invoices

After registering on Xcams, you will be given 25 credits as a gift. This will be used to discover the resources available on the site. This is actually a policy to encourage registration.

You will be asked to specify your bank account details. However, this does not imply that the platform will have to make direct debits without notifying you.

When you click on the image of a model, you will be redirected to its Cam. She will present herself to you and you can then carry out your exchange in complete peace of mind. However, if you plan to have private conversations, you will be charged on the basis of your credits. The credits to be used vary from one model to another. They are proportional to the value of your Cam girl.


The different models on Xcams: what you need to know

On the site, the models are rather exemplary, a category will inevitably correspond to your tastes. This platform is mainly composed of Sex Cam from 20 to 30 years old. However, refined searches allow you to find the category that best suits you.

If you go through the different filters that the site offers, you will know more. The models that make up the site are sexy. Moreover, they master the points that can give pleasure to a guest.

Whether you prefer women with large breasts or those with small breasts with a tattoo or not, of European, Arab or even African origin, you will find something to suit you.

Needless to say, the models on this Sex Cam site have mastered the majority of sexual practices that will give you a pleasant sensation. If you want to cum like never before, this platform will not disappoint you.

Finding models on XCams: how to go about it?

The best thing about a Sex Cam site is finding profiles that match your taste. To make the most of Xcams, the type of filtering offered is quite optimal. Here, you will be offered the types of filtering found on the platform.

Age filtering

As soon as you log in, the site already offers you some filtering options. The first option is related to l'age. The age limits of the models you wish to meet are defined. These range from 18 to 60 years old. As you can see, an age range is proposed by the site to improve the user experience of its subscribers.

Pattern matching

Then comes the filtering linked to the model. Thus, depending on your sexual orientation, you will be able to talk with :

  • women ;
  • men ;
  • couples ;
  • transgender people.

In short, the site offers a wide range of models to suit every type of customer. Once you have defined the age range and the type of models, you can now start to filter by language.

Filtering by language

There are several language options on Xcams. As the main users of this site are European, the languages available on this erotic platform are :

  • French ;
  • English ;
  • Spanish ;
  • German ;
  • Dutch ;
  • Italian.

These are the main languages spoken by the models available on the site. Other filtering options exist on the site. These allow you to have a clear idea of your requirements. On this erotic platform, you can use the filtering that relates to the type of Sex Cam you want to use.

Types of performances

Xcams generally offers three types of shows to its users. These include free discussions. These discussions are open to all users of the site and are intended to make this erotic platform attractive.

It also has live chatFor these types of chat, it is a private experience on the site. In addition, on this website you have the option to group shows. The most interesting part of this chat is the live action. Indeed, you can experience unusual sensations with sex models as if they were in front of you. Such shows will only cost you 5 credits per minute.

To finish this list of the different shows offered, we cannot fail to mention the Private chat. In reality, these are amateur live cameras that are done in a personalised and private setting. You get all the services available. A private chat will cost 20 credits per minute. It's almost useless to remind you here that your privacy is a priority for these sex models.

The billed services offered above give you the opportunity to conduct webcam chats. These discussions can be interactive. This way, the excitement increases and the pleasure is immense. In addition, users of the platform have the possibility to see live performances, especially those in progress. Basically, Xcams allows you to benefit from free experience by offering an initial bonus, but also gives you the possibility to follow the shows without being charged. This plethora of services will undoubtedly give you a unique sexual experience on this website.

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