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MyFreeCams is a particularly famous platform among sex site lovers. If it has been so successful for several years, it is because it has many qualities. There is a large number of women there, each one as attractive as the other. You are curious to discover this site of sex Cam? Here is a detailed presentation of what it offers.

MyFreeCams: an ergonomic and very easy to use website

The first thing to know about MyFreeCams is that the online platform is very easy to use. It is structured in a very professional way. You have the possibility to explore it as you wish, especially since at almost every step, there is a possibility to find your happiness. If you don't have a particular desire in terms of models to watch, the site offers a wide range of girls who are just waiting to be discovered. satisfy your desires.

For those who prefer to look at models in a specific category, there is a "Advanced search in one of the upper corners of the site. By clicking on it, you can then carry out a precise search or simply select one of the miniatures corresponding to your desire of the moment. The offer is really very abundant and it will be up to you to limit yourself to a specific category of models or not. For regular users of the site, it is even possible to select a specific category.nteracting directly with the profiles that they have already experienced and enjoyed. To do this, simply take a look at the shortcuts to the models. You can then choose between the most popular ones and your favourites.

Navigation on the site is truly ergonomic, even intuitive. That said, it is a fairly classic site in terms of visual presentation. The interface is characterised by the multiplicity of colours, buttons and model names. On top of that, the profiles and teaser photos are constantly highlighted in a great mix of bright colours. These are characteristics of older sites.

The features offered on the MyFreeCams website

On MyFreeCams, the visitor can not only contact various profiles from among those he likes, but he can also take advantage of special features. Basically, all the visitor has to do is select the profile of interest and get in touch with it. Then the connection is established between him and the profile and he just has to enjoy the show transmitted by the camera.

But it is possible to go further. First, you can discute with girls via chat. This allows you to agree from the ground up on the content of the exchange you will have. In addition, the chat is free. Once you reach an agreement, you can proceed to the exchange via the cameras. Here again, the site offers you the possibility of tipping the girl you are in contact with.

Better still, you don't have to limit yourself to one profile if you don't want to. It is indeed possible to follow several shows simultaneously. This allows you to enjoy yourself as much as you want. In addition, some models have erotic toys to make their shows even more interesting. If this is one of the things you fantasise about, you will probably enjoy it. It's worth noting that in some cases you can even control the toys remotely, which makes sex cam sessions more intense. The range of features offered by MyFreeCams is really wide.

Note that you have the ability to choose between two main options when using MyFreeCams. The first is called the "Private Show and allows you to enjoy a truly exclusive and intimate moment with your model. It gives you the opportunity to ask the girl on the other side of the camera very specific and daring things if you wish. Make sure you discuss this with her a little bit via chat before you propose any very daring shots. The best thing about the private show is that you can record the show for which you have paid money. It can therefore be replayed by you from the personal area of your account.

The second option is called the "voyeur show and allows the subscriber to enjoy the show of a third party and pay 1/3 of the normal rate for a show. The person concerned then pays 2/3 of the normal rate. It is important to note that you pay less with this feature, but not only. You cannot actively participate in the chat or the show. Your role is purely and strictly passive on a voyeur show and if the viewer has chosen the option "True PrivateYou cannot use the voyeur show function for his show.

Rates charged by the MyFreeCams website

On the MyFreeCams website, the rates are based on a principle of tokens or tokens. In general, you will need to use a credit card to purchase them. Master Card and VISA are accepted on the site. To follow a show, you pay one token per second of show.

As a standard, you have to pay 200 tokens for 200 seconds of the show, which amounts to paying about 16.15 euros. To get more tokens, you have to pay more money. For 500 tokens, it is about the sum of 40.38 euros that you have to plan for. For 900 tokens, you will be asked to pay approximately 60.57 euros.

These rates are very indicative and basic, as depending on how often you use the site and the package option you select, the rates may differ. Moreover, the site team is available to offer tailor-made experiences to certain users based on their history on the site.

In addition, if you want to enjoy a show with more than one person, the price can be lowered. There is the possibility of enjoying shows in a group and thus reducing the price you have to pay to follow them. In addition, the Spy Chat option is available to allow you to enjoy another person's show without the same problem and the option charges a lower rate than the standard one.

What to remember about MyFreeCams?

The site has many qualities. It allows its users to explore a large number of profiles. The offer is so prolific that you will have no trouble finding something to satisfy you. There is a selection of models made by the site's team which takes into account real criteria. All the profiles you will come across are of excellent quality. The material used by the girls is also very efficient, which allows to enjoy exceptional shows. Of course, the girls at Sex Cam are particularly willing to satisfy your desires and the rates on the site are relatively low.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the platform remains very easy to use for everyone and immerses you in a sexy atmosphere from the very first steps on the homepage. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular sex cam platforms.

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